Ace Dominick

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Here is a story I wrote February - April 2001. It was my first attempt at a multi-chapter format, as well as my first attempt at second-person writing. The result is interesting, since, like most experimental writing, this work has its definite strengths and weaknesses. The feedback I've gotten from it has been overwhelmingly positive, though, so if you like Role Playing Games (RPG's) at all, or are curious to find out about them, go ahead and give this a look.

The premise is that this is an instruction book on writing RPG plots. In fact, the original title of the work was How to Save the World: A Complete Guide to Creating a Role Playing Game. You can probably see why I wanted to shorten that name.

The work's major strength is in its storyline. In between the "instruction manual" portions, a plot develops, where a boy named Lewis Dominick has to save the fantasy world of Aetre's Island (yes, that is how I got the name of this site). The main weakness of the work is that it caters to one type of RPG over another; people who know RPG's will probably wonder why the battles are never turn-based in this story. The reason is simple enough: turn-based fighting makes little sense in narrative. As one might suspect, this style makes the game more like The Legend of Zelda and less like Final Fantasy, but as far as plots go, Ace Dominick really could be any RPG out there.