Short Stories

I rarely write short stories... There's usually more I want to do with characters than merely sketch them, after all. When I do write something as short as these, it is usually as an experiment. This especially applies to the flash fiction (stories with fewer than 500 words) here.


Winter (2004) - Many of my longer works, An Oblivion's Indigo included, are "blank character" pieces. This means, basically, that I took out any and all of the characters' physical descriptions that weren't absolutely necessary to the plot. I do this for a certain effect, and while it's worked wonderfully in AOI, every now and then I feel the need to brush up on the old descriptive techniques. It's good practice, really.

The Network (2004) - I don't like this one too much... It's not that this work is particularly bad, but it's such a stretch from my usual style, and my lack of familiarity with the contemporary genre shows rather plainly.

The Waters of No Return (2004) - Experiment in existentialism. Think Kafka. For the most part, I like this story... and the feedback I've gotten has been very positive. So enjoy!

Gods and Cable Channels (2004) - Read "The Waters of No Return" before reading this one. This is sort of a related sequel, written due to popular demand.

Pete's Sketch (2003) - Just a cute little story. I submitted it to a few e-zines, but the style's not contemporary enough to be published, I guess. Oh well... I still like it. It's a quick, fun piece.