Things to Rise Above
By Aetre

Waiting in line in the hours after midnight
Walk through a door, dance on a floor,
And I know:
The party is just getting started.
Talk between drinks to whoever is nearest
Take lots of names, play lots of games
For it’s known
That solitude breeds the coldhearted.

What blue night subdues
The day will bring back
Guiding me through by attention I lack.
I’ve spent my whole life
For all that it’s worth
Dreaming and scheming, though nailed to the Earth...

Teachers and preachers who play by the rulebook
Wasting my time, wanting my dime,
And I see:
Obedience can’t last forever.
“Living” is not to be learned from a schoolbook
This, in the end, comes from your friends,
For I’ve seen
How we are all in this together.

Human grenades flying eight miles a minute:
World on a string, string on a pin,
And they find:
Success falls through fingers like water
So I will wait for the time to begin it
Dream while I wait, scheme ’til I wake,
For I find
That silence can make the world smarter.

What’s holding me down
Is never enough.
It’s all on my checklist: “Things to Rise Above.”
Freedom’s price
Is spending a lifetime
Earning the right to reach for the sky.