Every now and then I take a break from prose and write some poetry. There is something I should point out about my poems: they have always gotten the best feedback from people who generally like poetry least. True poetry fans mostly can't stand my stuff. I guess it's not abstract enough for their tastes.

Law of the Web - (2005) A half-rant, half-poem written late at night. The feedback I've gotten from this has been interesting to say the least.

Little Story in G - (2005) Written as a friend's birthday present. She liked the final result, so who knows? Maybe you will, too...

Karma - (2004) Song lyrics. Kinda catchy, too. In another time, with a more prosperous music industry, I might have been a rock star... Or something. Maybe not. Heh.

Duel with a Virtual Image - (2004) This is an inner struggle poem... which is odd, considering I actually made it thinking of a friend's problems, not my own... But aren't there times when all of us feel this way?

Anthem - (2004) Just a random sketch from when I was bored in class.

The Drifter - (2004) A lot of my poems deal with life in general; the main difference seems to be point of view. Well, this one's from the perspective of a wanderer.

Things to Rise Above - (2004) Originally written alongside "Pyro" as possible rock lyrics. This is the revised version. I love this poem.

My Lantern's Prayer - (2003) Another "journey" poem. Not bad, though.

Pyro - (2003) Written as lyrics for a rock song.

This Poem Sucks (intentionally) - (2003) Yes, that actually is the title. I would not have included this poem on the site were it not by request of my sister... She apparently thinks this is one of my better works.

Eight-Thirty AM Eastern Standard Time - (2003) Parallel five-line character sketches.

The House in the Snowglobe - (2002) Sketch done for writing class.

Cramped and Sheltered - (2002) This is as close to a romance poem as you may ever see me write.

Hermit's Song - (2002) I was just writing down random thoughts when I made this. It wasn't meant to be a poem, just a sort of depressed rant. With a little help from reformatting, it turned into this.

Elsewhere / Dance - (2002) Lyrics. The AABB format is looked down upon in most poetry circles. I'm not picky, though. This is still better than the average modern pop song, in my humble opinion. I rewrote this in 2006, anyway, so it's much improved over what it was.

The Eagle - (2001) This post-9/11 poem was my first piece accepted for print publication, originally published in The Faucet, my high school's literary magazine.

The American Dream - (1997) This work, originally written in seventh grade, I read aloud to my high school writing class senior year. It remains my favorite among the poems I've written.