Little Story in G
By Aetre

January 31, 2005

Blue girl in a greenhouse
Red rose under black sky
Storm’s rain on the ceiling
Seems louder than it really is

Tell a flower a story
Petals will listen
Just as this rose does
To the tale she tells:

There was a time when I was afraid
There was a time when I was lost
Came running inside to escape a storm
Came running inside but was trapped

Nobody asks to live in a cage
No more than you roses choose your pots
But it doesn’t affect you
And now I know why

Even when kept alone in this room
You were able to grow
You took light from a sky
You were never allowed to touch

But you are a flower
And I am not
And one can only stay in bloom
For so long

Blue eyes look up
Black sky returns the gaze
Rain still falls
But she decides:

It’s not so loud after all.