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K'Arthur - A columnist at and author of a Lunar fanfic series. Recommended for people who like romance stories.

Jenny Everywhere - An interesting open-source comic character and the comics, writings, etc. in her honor.

Communities: - Best. Free hosting. Ever.

EOS - This is where I got the current backgrounds for my website. There are hundreds here, and they're awesome. So if you're making a site, I'd suggest checking this out! - Because that's where it all started. - Wonder where the "Original" section of went? Well, here it is now.


VG Cats - Comic by Scott Ramsoomair, inspiration for Videogame Cats: The Novel on this site. PG-13 humor.

Lonely Planet - Need an online world guide and atlas? I present Lonely Planet. Because every writer needs to research foreign geography at some point.

Overclocked Remix - Free source of remixed videogame music, for all the audiophiles out there.

Homestar Runner - Because H*R is the bomb. Great comedy site, appropriate for all ages.