By Aetre

September 22, 2004

The world don’t turn, it comes around
Noise is just misunderstood sound
Suppress it, and you’ll find it only
Builds ’til it explodes

Power nukes itself—what then?
We cross that same old bridge again
Climb up the same mountains that
Rise only to erode

Optimists smile, pessimists cry
Philosophers thrive, and fatalists die
Realists realize, surrealists don’t
Humans fight and come together...
We are all in this together...

Lovers all get broken hearts
The house on sand gets torn apart
Chaos makes for endless war
And order, tyranny

Human dreams beget machines
Everything is what it seems
People who manipulate
Never will be free


Those who have a lot of nerve
Only get what they deserve
They will find there’s a tie that binds
The future, wrong, and right

Some say nothing’s fair, but wait
There will come another day
We all hold fast to the rule that says
Lightning can’t strike twice

Not unless we let it, ever...
We are all in this together...