Hermitís Song

By Aetre


There are times when I wish my world were an island

Floating about in an endless sea

Where all day Iíd do nothing but play in the sand

Or rest in a hammock

Swaying in the gentle tropical breeze


Then every morning I deny this wish

I say no, thatís not where I want to be

Because after a while, paradise would get boring

Iíd get homesick and lonely out there in the sea

So I forget it and go to work, meet some new people

I smile at them while they argue with me

I come home in the afternoon and I find

Politics, terror, and war on TV

Later, I go to town with my friends

We do what we do and we try what we see

I go to bed tired and wake up in a daze


For the rhythm and rhyme of life have

Worn me out


So I am left with nothing but a dream of my island

Floating about in an endless sea

Because the only part of my life thatís free

Is my imagination