Elsewhere / Dance
By Aetre

Let's start at the end, rewind,
And let the story roll
Watch for hints and clues and signs
To see where things went wrong.
A dismal game for certain,
But there are winners all the same.
They win by their admitted loss;
Their trophy is their blame.
What they do and what you don't
Are what you can't deny:
Live to fight another day
And then restore their pride.
But then, there are those who can't
Seem ever to let go...
Wouldn't have it any other way
Although they know:

Their hopes are not real
But are all that they hold...
A shield from the mind,
A shelter for the soul.
They'll happily dance
To the saddest tune in the world,
For who knows where a hope can take you?

Partly out of fear and partly
Wanting some release,
Faith and love are strong enough
To sacrifice belief.
But believe you're stuck here
Until you can make the change:
Leave these shams and acting jobs
To wither on their stage.
What you know and what you don't
Are what you can't deny...
These will haunt your hopes and dreams
As hard as you may try.
Make your heart a little colder,
Shrug and let it pass,
Tell yourself this makes you stronger...
See how long that lasts.

Why wish on a star?
Because sometimes it shines.
And wishes can come true;
It's a story old as time.
And sometimes it takes a dance
To the saddest tune in the world
To show you where a wish can take you.

Let's end at the start of a new,
Yet unwritten song.
Either weakly play to win,
Or boldly do hold on.
Institute's no substitute
For instinct and desire.
Worse fates exist than playing
Victim to internal fire.
The day comes much too soon when we
No longer have the chance,
When life moves forward, takes its leave,
And with the stars we dance.
The saddest tune's not martyrdom,
But truths within yourself
And your wish, for who'd not wish
They could be somewhere else?

Come, and dance with me, girl.
Don't be shy, sing along.
Who cares what it's about
Or if it's right or wrong?
We'll happily sing
To whatever tune, and girl,
I'll show you where a dance can take you.