Eight-Thirty A.M.

By Aetre


A man drives his car through the city

Sips his coffee and waits for a green light

Listens to a radio morning show

Thinks about what he will say at a meeting

Wishes for a better salary


A woman rides in the subway below him

Takes a seat and folds her arms

Yawns and shakes off a light hangover

Thinks about what she will do this weekend

Wishes for a vacation


A boy walks on the sidewalk a block over

Takes the long way to elementary school

Looks both ways before crossing the street

Thinks he can leave this city if he stays in school

Wishes not to turn into his brother


A teenager walks through a nearby high school’s hall

Talks with two of her friends

Comments on how that last history test sucked

Thinks she will never use what she has learned

Wishes for a date to the prom


An old man sits on a bench outside

Watches the sunrise through the city’s haze

Thinks about his grandchildren, twins born yesterday

Holds a hand to his heart and sighs

Wishes he had more time