The Eagle

By Aetre


Who searches at dawn for the sight of a fountain

Guided not by sunshine through the fog and gray

Lowers a lantern and climbs up the mountain

Strives to earn the right to see the light of day

Who calls to those trapped in the valley below

In an attempt to reach those who cannot be reached

Finds the fountain frozen, yet melting with the snow

Calls again:

A yell

A shout

A cry

A shriek

A scream

A screech

And then says

“Always onward

For we’ll go as far as the path of time leads us

And don’t look back

Oh, we will go that far”


Who in darkness of midnight teaches of salvation:

“The greatest deeds are done in times of sorrow and pain

Once more raise the lantern and through fog guide a nation

Freedom protect and, most of all, the hope maintain”

Who comes only with the greatest of said intentions

Builds empires, tears them down, and still marches quickly on

Makes for a great present that, for now, nobody mentions

Calls again:

A hope

A prayer

A wish

A plea

A voice

A song

And then says

“Always onward

For we are America and we are on a mission

And don’t look back

Oh, we will see that morn”



When out of destruction come life and creation

The wound is healed, the peace restored, as it was before

If freedom still depends upon one’s current world location

Is it any wonder that this world still needs war?

When daylight will fade into nighttime again,

Who then will hold the light and guide us on?

Inside us all lies a fire that never ends

United we stand, and standing we’ll be strong


Always onward

For no matter how far that path of time leads us

In the end

It is we who will lead the path on

Always onward

For we are united, and we are strong.