Duel with a Virtual Image
By Aetre

July 24, 2004

There is one continual game
Where I try to beat myself
I see my competition's face
But Mirror, Mirror nothing tells...
It’s not its job to care

“Try what you can try
Do what you can do
And when twilight comes,
Night’s veil unveils the truth”

But will I win?

Ponderous heart and broken mind
Keep my back against the waterfall
Smoke is theirs, and fire is mine
Until I sail over the wall...
It’s not the rocks I fear

“Do what you are told
Smart as you are bold
And when you succeed,
Try not to lose control”

But will I win?

I see dawn and parting rains
But I still can’t see the sun
The silver lining’s in the way
And I won’t be looking for too long...
How many more days have I?

“See what you can see
Be what you can be
And when you command
The morn, it sets you free”

So let’s begin.