Cramped and Sheltered

By Aetre


Why does the sun try to blind me?

It cannot reach me here

Between two walls in a shadowy

Cramped and sheltered back-street alley

That is abandoned, rotten, forgotten

Just like me

When the light turns out I値l still be here

Waiting for my mind to stop its pondering

And I値l be here when you come back

And then I値l stop wondering

Why the sun tries to blind me

When it cannot reach me here.


You never had the world in your hand

But you had my heart

It went away with you, out from the now black,

Now gloomy place behind this shack

That was not always the way it is

Much like you

When the lights turn out you値l come back here

My heart in hand, and your hand in heart

And I値l be here when you come back

We値l light the alley 稚il next we part

The sun may try to light the world

But only you can light my heart.