Style 103

Answers for Style 102:
Sentences One and Ten are alright as is; the rest should probably use active voice instead. In question six, give yourself extra credit if you simply changed "was made" to "became," then corrected the later "by."

Now for a bit of punctuation. There are several marks in the English language, and they all have their own place in the hierarchy. From weakest to strongest, they are: comma, ellipsis, dash, parenthesis, semicolon, colon, period. Note: exclamation points and question marks are of equal strength to the period.

A comma can separate phrases and some clauses. An ellipsis leaves a thought or sentence unfinished. A dash sets something apart. Parentheses really set something apart. Semicolons separate what would otherwise be two very closely related sentences. Colons separate a main category from the element(s) in a sub category. And periods, well, are final. (Note: by "dash," I mean "--")

In the following sentences, insert the necessary punctuation. In some cases, there is more than one right answer, but whenever this is the case, I would encourage you to "try and get away with" the weakest possible mark in the given situation. This is because periods can get boring. A periods-only style gets choppy very quickly. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. I like pie. You might also like pie. You are probably getting tired of this style already.

1. His proposition albeit a simple one got attention from the highest board members

2. Do you know what the proposition was and if so why it would be so praised

3. It had to do with writing exercises which reminds me I have one due tomorrow

4. The proposal Company Code section 304 resulted in several employees checking their grammar

5. They checked for all of the following punctuation spelling and capitalization

6. Some thought it was a great idea however others wondered why they could not just use a spellchecker

7. Clearly the boss who was seventy-six years old did not know much about computers and technology

8. Well either that or he just did not like dealing with that damn paper clip in the corner of the screen.

9. Who thought of that thing anyway

10. Oh well This is the last style lecture for the 100-level exercises so I hope you're ready for the final exam