Style 101

The following ten sentences are all grammatically incorrect. Simply put, point out what is wrong with them and, when possible, give corrections.

Answers for this exercise will be posted along with Style 102. Also, do not worry; not all the exercises in this category are basic grammar exercises. We have to start somewhere, though.

1. Martin went to the store, and bought some eggs.
2. Martin went to the store and he bought some eggs.
3. Little did Martin know that these were no ordinary eggs, he simply assumed they were the normal variety.
4. Eggs from hell.
5. Walking home, the bag ripped and made the carton fall on the sidewalk.
6. All the eggs cracked open, and Martin gasps at what he sees.
7. Up came a demon from the egg carton, who ate him.
8. Some donít believe the tale of the eggs from hell, however, there is evidence to suggest they did exist.
9. Its a sad tail to be sure, butt it serfs a porpoise because its got a moral...
10. You can put all youíre eggs in one basket, but your in for hell if you drop them.