Plot 101

Listed below are some various causes and their corresponding effects. What you have to do is link them somehow. For example, if the cause is “A bagel fell to the floor,” and the effect is, “Joanne realized she was in love,” you might link them like this: “A bagel fell to the floor. Soon Dmitri fell with it, his mouth and stomach overstuffed, his brain unconscious. Thus the bagel-eating contest ended, with Sam the clear winner. Joanne watched Sam victoriously take the stage, and in the midst of her applause and pride in his victory, a little part of her mind realized: she was in love.”

It can be corny, it can be cheesy, it can be funny, it can be serious, sad, literal, figurative, or anything you want. But just find a way to link the two. Usually it should take about one paragraph to do this.

Cause: Lionel watched TV.
Effect: A mouse got to eat some cheese.

Cause: It rained.
Effect: The underdog won the championship boxing match.

Cause: George proposed to Angela.
Effect: Bob did the mambo.

Cause: Kyle went to Madrid.
Effect: An orphan was adopted.

Cause: The Yankees win the World Series.
Effect: World War Three breaks out.